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What the h*ck is LBE?

LBE (Location Based Engagement) has had a few false starts. When mobile was first emerging I worked on several Location Based Games. None got off the ground. Why? Because mobile wasn’t where is it now… eight years later.

Mobile seems to be everywhere because it is. When was the last time you went to lunch with friends and no one checked their phone?

What does LBE have to do with you or your business?

Location Based Engagement has finally matured and is a game changer. Now is the time to position your business and take advantage of the new way of conducting business and marketing.

Don’t think marketing is changing? Still sending out mailers and using traditional marketing?

Think about your daily life. When you want to find a local restaurant, what do you do? Do you pull out the yellow pages or do you hop on your computer or phone?  When you need a service for your home, do you look through the flyers you received in the mail or do you hop on your computer or phone?

Do you see a theme here?

We are in a new business era.

New Business Era

Today’s shoppers peruse reviews on their computer, but never leave without their mobile phone. A person’s mobile phone is their local directory while their on the go.

Today, a business needs to be more than a physical location. It needs to be social and accessible.  More than 60% of people will go to a competitor if they are unable to easily find the business they seek.

Whether you are ready or not LBE will determine how sustainable your business really is in the next year.  If you can not be found using local online marketing (mobile apps, local search, social media, or mobile website) you are sending potential customers to your competitors. That is the bottom line.

LBE is here to stay and has become ingrained in our daily lives. What is holding you back? Be sure your business can be found. Be sure that your business is accessible. Be sure that your business offers an “added value” to your customers.

Now is the time to optimize your website for mobile phones.

Now is the time to integrate a cost effective local search solution.

If you are already overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin contact us and we’ll help you figure out solutions within your budget.

Be local. Seek local. Search local.

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